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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use?

When I stated my business nearly 18 years ago, I tried every paint I could get my hands on over the counter at all different kinds of stores; art, hardware, craft stores.  Nothing held up to the unique challenges of the outdoor umbrellas.
I contacted a retired paint chemist known to me from my decades in the arts.  I contracted with him and we spent months doing research and developing a formula and system that could withstand these challenges.  Briefly, and so as not to give away the farm, my system is four steps.  It involves, soaking the fabric so the fibers of the fabric grab the paint, loading the paint with the highest quality pigments and UV protectants, spraying the finished design with a high-grade UV industrial sprayer, and finally heat setting to seal the final design.  This process will guarantee it's longevity without cracking, peeling, or fading.
        And 18 years and hundreds of umbrella purchases later; my well protected four step system makes these umbrellas a great investment in beauty and fun for your outdoor living space.
How long does it take to receive?

Every umbrella is designed and hand painted to order in good ol' California USA.  We are not an army of assembly line artists cranking out 50-100 pieces a day.  So if we get a lot of orders all at once, it can take a few weeks to complete them all.  We put time and thought into each umbrella and take our customers special requests seriously.  
Because of our special painting formula system, each umbrella usually takes about a week to paint and be properly set.  Shipping will usually take an additional week (UPS ground for most orders).  So depending on how many orders are ahead of you, it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on how busy we are.  If you need it sooner than that we are willing to do rush orders and rush shipping.  Keep in mind additional fees for rush orders will apply.

Does a hand painted umbrella require special care?

Our hand painted umbrellas require very little extra care beyond your average garden or patio umbrella.  They should be washed off with a garden hose (with the power like you would wash your car, not power wash a sidewalk) at regular internals, especially in areas with lots of trees and/or birds.  Use mild soap and a soft cloth or brush for anything stubborn.  Alternatively, you can remove the umbrella top from its frame and wash in a front load style (no agitator) washing machine with gentle/mild soap and cold water.  Then place the top back on the frame to dry.  Some dry cleaners will wash hand painted items, but many do not.  Call your dry cleaner beforehand.  As with all umbrellas we recommend that you close them in poor weather and when not in use, and take them down in windy conditions. 

Why don't you paint the underside of the umbrellas?

I often hear the comment, " but you can't see the top".  Contrary to this assumption (and you can see the top from a few feet back), I have chosen to paint the top of the umbrellas for over 10 years and thousands of umbrellas later for good reason.  As part of my patented paint system, the paint attaches to the fibers of the fabric and sometimes the paint bleeds through to the other side.  From under the umbrella, with the light source of the sun, these imperfections only add to the illumination of the design for enjoyment while sitting under the umbrella.  If I painted it on the underside, without a light source from below to illuminate the top, (which you CAN actually see from a few feet back) would look messy from the paint which, as mentioned above has bled through the fabric.  

I am proud of my w
ork and dedication to excellence.  Thank you for your time and interest.  -Suzi
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